Destashing for a creative jump start

cropped-p7230012.jpgHi everyone!  Today I feel the need to talk about the crafters best friend: destash. When I first started making jewelry, I saved everything, thinking it’d be more frugal, and also that sifting through the mound of beads and pendants would inspire me.

AHAHAHA, no.  It took a while for this to kick in.  It does not work like that at all!  Well not with me.  My muse has at last informed me that if my workspace is cluttered, I will be blocked in short order.  I will be inordinately tired, and I will either not be able to make a piece, or I will be stuck in a rut, making pieces I’m not actually interested in.

I was there last night, frowning over my beadboard.  It didn’t occur to me until I had already got down on myself about my lack of production and creativity lately.  That just plain sucks, and it’s something we all do, but it’s also something we should recognize and stop in its tracks.

Since I’ve been reading a lot of Brigid history and lore lately, I thought it was time to burn through this all.  Well, not literally – but symbolism is everything!  If this lady’s in charge of smithcraft, beads and baubles can’t be too far behind 😉  Cleaning up the workspace was something I desperately needed.

It really helped to take a good look at all the objects I was keeping.  Were they helping me?  Did I not like them but was I keeping them out of guilt?  Were they tagged for specific pieces?  How realized were my designs for those pieces?  I had done this a couple months ago on a smaller scale which helped me not be so worried.  At the time I did what felt right and thought, “well, I’ll just make another pass”.

Last night was a really good thing for me.  There were things I bought or acquired years ago I’ve never touched, right next to purchases that are barely 2 months old.  That’s not so good!  With some trash TV in the background for noise, I went through each box.  You know those little plastic dealies with the tiny compartments?  Yep, I emptied one completely.  Made a pile on a cutting board in the middle of my desk for keepers, and arranged those in yet another plastic box. Even recycled another container that was looking worse for wear.  The pull-drawers on my windowsill did not escape: they have been cleared out and re-stocked. Less small boxes for me mean less squirreling away, and less acquiring things I don’t have a purpose for.

What this now means is that I have what is probably several pounds of beads and findings which will be freecycled.  It doesn’t look huge, but that’s a lot of beads!!  I’ve already started to toy with a design using things I found in my mission through All the Tupperware.  Hopefully I have to do this less and less as time goes on….


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