Still kickin’

So here we are again!  Facing the summer once more.  This is a weird time for me, since  I feel like I should be prepping for a show, or doing something *more* to market.  But here I am, blogging instead!

soap-589822_640Late 2014 was…interesting…on the employment front.  I let the craft fields fallow for a while, since I simply could not afford a table until finances calmed down.  I started a new job, part time, and I have a plethora of freelance stuff on the side.  I’m happier overall, but I have to be way more cagey with my cash.

This has been quite a lot to get used to.  I am no longer in the 9-5 world.  I pretty much make my own schedule, and I have enough free time to do my things.  Actually in a good place here!  Haven’t been making as much stuff as usual, because I don’t sell outside of shows.  I haven’t sold anything off Etsy in ages.  I feel that the platform is better kept as a showcase than anything else.  I’m honestly not sure how else to market jewelry – it’s pretty, why not buy?  Jewelry gets a lot of admiration, but not a lot of sales, as everyone and their mother in law makes it!  So I need to “diversify”.

So I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for things that will sell anyway.  I like the idea of “gifts that disappear”, like baked goods or bath supplies.  Baked goods can be iffy at shows, so perhaps spa delights.  I’ve been taken with the idea of soap leaves lately as well as bath confetti.  Both of these get a lot of product for a small(ish) amount of supplies, so they are a good “tester” for expanding Lazmart.

Furthermore, I don’t have to make my own soaps from the ground up for these sort of products.  I don’t have the space and tools to play with milk and lye!  I can get good bases, I have oils already, and things like lavender buds to put in.  More ideas are the usual sachets, which can be easy to whip up from spare fabric.  Eyepillows are also simple – buckwheat and lavender!  Shouldn’t be too hard to make a few pampering goods, see how people like them, and move accordingly.

It’s a lot of work, but I’m glad to be back in the swing of things!




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