Fairy Keys!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know how much I like reusing stuff, so here’s the latest idea to come off the craft table!  I had a lot of old keys, and some agate discs that I really wasn’t sure what to do with.  They’re too thick to link, and kind of heavy.    I really didn’t want to destash them, but I had to do something.

Then it hit me when I found that pretty pewter fairy holding a pentacle – fairy keys!  I like to use fanciful narratives when I can, or to riff on folklore.  I was thinking of holey stones when I started these, as well as other fairy lore and style.    Even though these discs are carved, the idea still lingers.  It’s early spring, so it’s time for magic and garden colors, growing things and feeding the sprites.  The whole feel of April is warm, but changeable – anything can still happen.  That’s why I made them look rag-tag – I had this weird springtime in mind.  So here are some stones to see a world beyond, and keys to lost locks that will open the door.

I’ve got a few more keys sitting around, so I’ll keep playing with these pendants.  Hopefully they’ll hit the table this week at Hidden Grounds in New Brunswick.


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