Crafty witchery abounds!

Little bottles of Magic

I’ll be updating my etsy shop soon with one of these little darlin’s.  These are tiny glass bottles filled with dried thyme, sand from Ocean Grove NJ, and other small treasures like a beautiful red bead, dried lavender, and some rose petals.  Their corks are lost to the ages now, but I substituted in some aqua glass beads with a nice aurora borealis finish and some fancy-pants headpins as caps.  These are 2 inches tall (guessing).  The one on the left, with the lavender, is ready to wear now.   I used some of the hemp cord in the background to make this vial into a lovely pendant.

image of small bottles filled with sand dried herbs and beads
I love tiny bottles! You love tiny bottles!

Note on the herbs

I’m very idiosyncratic with my use of herbs.  Thyme reminds me of sea-plants for some reason, especially when it’s still on the stem.  So when I want to suggest an easygoing beachy feel, I look for supplies that say “shore”.  It also resembles some lavenders, which is a heavy beach association for me.  Mountain Rose Herbs suggests that symbolically, thyme is linked with courage:

…thyme’s name was derived form the Greek word thumus, or courage. In Medieval times, knights wore sprigs of thyme on their armor as a sign of courage. The scent of thyme was thought to give them strength in the midst of battle.

I didn’t intend these little bottles to be a comment on courage, but perhaps they can help you remember to maintain yours.  Thyme to fortify you, lavender to soothe you, and some sand to remind you of the constant flux of the sea.

Note on the sand

The sand I end up with after picking shells at Ocean Grove.  I don’t scoop out handfuls or do anything harmful – I just save what get caught in the shells!  I love that beach very much, so I like to incorporate memories of it in pieces.  This works out really well with bottles and vials, giving them that little extra touch of something personal.

Normally, I don’t think of myself as that much of a beachy person, but I’m coming to love it more and more.  Aesthetically, there’s the gorgeous colors and textures.  Symbolically, there is such a powerful message of both change and constancy.  The sand will be renewed with every tide, the creatures will continue their doings, and the sun or the moon and stars will always shine above it.  I don’t think I need to belabor the point here, but it is a pretty important environment for me, full of positive associations I try to bring to any piece that incorporates things from the shore.

Next thing!

So I really like all these repurposed picture frame desk organizers floating around the internet.  I tried my hand at one the other day, to see if I could do it well enough to sell.  This is that tester, which I will *not* be selling.  It works well, but there’s a few warts I know to avoid next time.

Actually, it makes a splendid earring holder, and now lives on my nightstand.  I should probably have updated the snapshot, but time makes fools of us all.  This could solve a few display issues I have.  And if anyone wants one, sure!

Test Run on a new display idea

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