Antiquing papers for self-made book

So as you may know, I have decided to go bananas, stop submitting poetry to places, and just make/sell my own collections.  The product of all this is Wild Woman Press!

I have lost what little calligraphy skills I used to possess, so I’ve decided to combine the handmade and the technological.  I’ve formatted and printed several copies of one collection of poems.  I’ll be sewing them together in custom, one of a kind books.  But first, I have to make the paper more interesting.  So I’m antiquing it with coffee.  These are photos of the process.  I’ll add the finished product when I have one full “volume” done and ready to sew!

printed page about to be coffee antiqued
Tools: coffee (cold is ok, even watery grounds), brush or sponge, and baking sheet
Get it nice and covered with the delicious smelling yuck.












You need a really low oven – you’re drying rather than baking.  15 mins per sheet at 200F is ok.












When the paper is dry, it will start to stand up off the sheet. This means it’s time to take it out and brush the grounds off

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