Egg blowing! (part 1 of 2)

Happy Equinox everyone!  Despite the fact that my region is supposed to have snow at some point today, I’m celebrating!   This year, I’ve started seedlings, made a bunch of new goodies, and am trying my hand at egg blowing!

Instead of hard boiling eggs, dyeing them, and leaving them about to eventually rot, I’m going a bit greener.  I looked up instructions on how to safely blow the yolk and white out of eggshells.  Now I am the proud possessor of 4 hollow shells, mostly intact!

The guide mentioned that room-temp eggs tend to be easier to puncture, so I let mine sit out for a few hours.  My eggs were really cold, but kitchen is fairly cool, so this was safe.  Eggs do not have to be constantly refrigerated, but you will want to chill them again soon.  The tupperware is to catch the yolk and white.


When they were room temp, I carefully punctured them at top and bottom.  I used a pushpin and a motion like tightening a screw.  The shells are pretty strong, but you want to make sure you don’t crack the “body” of the shell.  I enlarged the holes at the bottom, breaking the membrane inside, then turned the egg over to put a single pinhole on top.


The single pinhole is what you blow through to force the contents out of the bottom.  A firm, steady pressure works well.  If you’re straining and nothing’s emerging, it’s time to enlarge the bottom hole, or pick out any membrane that may be blocking the exit.  This goes pretty quickly, but is so gross I spared you the photos.  Here’s the yolks and whites in their tupperware, ready to be used for tomorrow’s breakfast!



When you empty an eggshell, run water into it, then blow that out into the sink.  Then let those babies dry before you start to paint, decoupage, or whatever you want to do to them  🙂  here are my 4, with kind of scary looking bottom holes.  Clearly, I need more practice, but the bottoms will also be hidden, so I figured no big for my first time.  I’ll post part 2 when I decide how I want to decorate them!!



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