Seedlings again…

On the 20th of this month, I started seeds in honor of the equinox.  Now it’s 5 days later and wow….

From left to right - nasturtuim, marigolds, lavender, chard, cabbage, parsley
From left to right – nasturtium, marigolds, lavender, chard, cabbage, parsley

The lavender and parsley don’t seem to be taking, so I’m going to count those as losses and invest in fresher seeds.  The rest, however are going nuts!

I’m not sure if I should start pruning back the cabbage yet.  Something tells me they’re going to be humongous.

In other gardening ventures, I’m going to start some spuds and dandelions.  These two should be pieces of cake to grow.  The potatoes already have nice eyes sprouted, so I’m going to cut them and dry them as per P. Allen Smith’s instructions (I forsee a new planter in my near future).  The dandelions are a whim, however.  Since one can eat the greens….why not harvest all those little seeds and see what happens?  If nothing else, they will be cheerful and yellow.

Next month, I’ll be picking up some herb seedlings from a local show.  They’ll go outside our flat as a “working garden”.  And they will probably be joined by whichever of these guys make it to maturity.  Gonna have my hands full this summer!

Wish me luck, everyone!

My chard already turning colors!  I can’t wait to see those gorgeous stalks!
A nice chunky nasturtium sprout – the package said they’re going to be a brilliant red, but we’ll see!

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