So anyone who tuned into last night’s stream (click here for part 1) saw me making a beaded chain for a pendant.  This is something I do quite often, as I think all parts of the necklace should have handmade attention.  I chose some champagne colored glass beads, and rose/black iridescent seed beads and made link after tiny link for about 2 hours.  Here’s the results!



This still needs its clasp, but it’s about 18 inches, a lovely length for any type of wear.







And here she is on my tablecloth.  Quite a pretty set.  Not sure if I’m ok with the little dangle on the pendant.  I might yet change that out for something more similar to the rest of the necklace.  Depends what I find trawling through my stash.  That trawling is a little difficult on cam 😉






This lets you see the contents of the little vial, which are quite pretty!  These things are very popular.  I think it’s because they look old-fashioned, which people always love.  Also, I like to put in certain intentions when I fill a vial…dried roses, dried spring flowers, pink and champagne colored beads…clearly this is for romance!  That extra thought counts.






And the earrings, awaiting their hooks!


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