WHAAAT I’m still alive.

Now that I’m using Ravelry more, I should blog some stuff, shouldn’t I?  

In 2016 there was more work than crafting, so there wasn’t much at all to blog about.  I didn’t vend, and I was too busy to make much jewelry.  Took up fibers for some decompression and oh shit now that’s a thing I do.  But not much was produced.  Silly work, getting in the way of crafting.  But here is 2017.  

This must be updated later w/ photos, but I’m in a place w/ spotty wifi right now so yes, we’ll have to wait.  There is the instagram widget on the side tho, should you want a visual aid.

So if you’re now, this is what happens in my world.  Complete novice at all things, except possibly the jewelry.

  • Jewelry:  Upcycling, recycling, bicycling – I tear apart old things and make new pretties.  Use a lot of natural things like bones and shells as well.
  • Knitting: We have conquered the rectangle -going from small scarves to a cowl, in progress now.
  • Crochet-eh: Not my favorite, but am getting better at it.  Doing swell w/ open work for some odd reason.
  • Spindle spinning: Super new at this – Have spun some gifted merino blend into what is more or less yarn.  Working with a larger spindle now w/ cotton roving and having an easier time.  Will require far more practice to get thinner/softer yarns.  Have managed to spin cat fur for a friend tho.
  • Whoopsitsalooming: Well shit, I guess I weave now too.  Think of this as “yarn punk” more than textbook weaving.  I have a tiny toy loom and my whoopsitsaloom made out of a poster frame.  Learning as I go along, what I can do, what I can weave on, etc.  No finished projects yet, but progress has been put on Instagram.

There we have it!  There is also occasional writing, tweeting, etc. etc.  Bye for now!


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