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Hazel portrait

This is Hazel McKay.  She was my great grandmother’s sister.  She’s a very important person to me even though I never met her – she went to the speakeasy in the sky years before I was born.  Unfortunately, that side of the family wasn’t so great at records-keeping, so a lot of facts about her life are just stories now. All I have are scraps and inferences from older relatives.

Apparently, Hazel was a Ziegfeld Follies girl.  When she retired, she started her own costume design company.  She was quite successful at this and made costumes for the family kids when they came along.  She lived for many years in Manhattan with her “friend” Jean (Protip: that is Catholic for “not straight”.  Or, as I prefer to say ,”Fabulesbian”)

pride flag mini

That’s where the the facts or truthiness ends, sadly.  I don’t know how well-preserved Ziegfield records are.   I don’t know where she lived in Manhattan, what the name of her company was.  Are there databases out there?  Could I track her down?  I have no idea.

But, I am left with the image of a sexy, creative, out(ish?) queer woman making her own living in NYC in the 20s-30s. Far as I know, no other woman in the family made her living like this. How cool is that?!  I usually have her portrait hanging up around my work desk in an effort to keep the creative female spirit alive in the family.

It’s tough to be creatively employed, especially if you do things that are artistic, unorthodox, or otherwise fall out the 9-5 pattern.  But I like to think keeping her memory alive is a Good Thing to do, especially as I try my own hand.

So, join me in raising a glass and a boa once in a while to Hazel’s memory 🙂


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