Creativity and Chemistry

2016 was a hell of a year all around.  I don’t think I vended once (if I did, it was really only once).  Every corner of my life was in upheaval, and in my friends’ lives too!  Thankfully, things were still enjoyable overall, and we’re approaching regularity again.  But for the last month, month-and-a-half, I’ve been hibernating.  I’ve been so fatigued, so tired.  It’s like I can’t get enough sleep.  I have no health problems that should cause this, so I’m just going to assume it’s brain chemistry and the time of year.  I like winters, but sometimes they can be hard.

I’ve been forcing myself to be creative.  This is why I took up fibers, so I could have a more portable outlet when I just didn’t feel like beading.  I’m still not as busy as I’ve used to be and that makes me feel bad.  Even though my “not busy” is what my husband says is normal people’s busy.  I’m using my time in different ways now to accommodate the lack of energy.

I have a fiber-based project for the living room, one for the kitchen, MOOCs on history and books to work on…I have access to a college library again (YYYYYES!). I’m reading more in very small doses.  I have a little lap harp to play with (Lil’ Radu).  I have my witchery, which I’m still learning.  I have at least some house plants left after the winter and the Great Plant Food Mishap of 2016.  There are still days I can’t get the wherewithal to do any of this, though, and I hate that.

Vending is out of the question for the time being – I know I don’t have it in me to do all that.  Stock making, marketing, hurry up and waiting….nah.  Though I will say that it’s nice to make for the sake of making.  

Ah, who knows….I’m muddling through and I hope you are all too 🙂


WHAAAT I’m still alive.

Now that I’m using Ravelry more, I should blog some stuff, shouldn’t I?  

In 2016 there was more work than crafting, so there wasn’t much at all to blog about.  I didn’t vend, and I was too busy to make much jewelry.  Took up fibers for some decompression and oh shit now that’s a thing I do.  But not much was produced.  Silly work, getting in the way of crafting.  But here is 2017.  

This must be updated later w/ photos, but I’m in a place w/ spotty wifi right now so yes, we’ll have to wait.  There is the instagram widget on the side tho, should you want a visual aid.

So if you’re now, this is what happens in my world.  Complete novice at all things, except possibly the jewelry.

  • Jewelry:  Upcycling, recycling, bicycling – I tear apart old things and make new pretties.  Use a lot of natural things like bones and shells as well.
  • Knitting: We have conquered the rectangle -going from small scarves to a cowl, in progress now.
  • Crochet-eh: Not my favorite, but am getting better at it.  Doing swell w/ open work for some odd reason.
  • Spindle spinning: Super new at this – Have spun some gifted merino blend into what is more or less yarn.  Working with a larger spindle now w/ cotton roving and having an easier time.  Will require far more practice to get thinner/softer yarns.  Have managed to spin cat fur for a friend tho.
  • Whoopsitsalooming: Well shit, I guess I weave now too.  Think of this as “yarn punk” more than textbook weaving.  I have a tiny toy loom and my whoopsitsaloom made out of a poster frame.  Learning as I go along, what I can do, what I can weave on, etc.  No finished projects yet, but progress has been put on Instagram.

There we have it!  There is also occasional writing, tweeting, etc. etc.  Bye for now!