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Goodies made live on #Twitch #Creative

Hallo again!¬† Today saw my first well-attended Twitch stream – some brave souls rolled up to watch me put beads on things!¬† Which is pretty much it when it comes to me…beads, yarn, glue…that’s all.

But because I’m starting out and I have a less than ideal camera rig, I’m afraid it was difficult to show what I was working on during the stream itself.¬† So here are some photos of what emerged.¬† Beadwork is notoriously difficult to capture on camera, with the size, texture, and all.¬† But I think we got the point.


I started with some loose charms, quartz crystal and purple themed.¬† The fun of quartz is that in the “lower” grades that I favor, you get all sorts of fun inclusions (cloudy bits, “bubbles”, and glitches) that make the stones more interesting to look at.¬† These are the 4 guys on the right.

Each is about an inch long.¬† They’re too heavy for earrings (although they’d look amazing), so I’m considering using them as stitch markers or totebag charms.¬† The 4 on the left are purple and silver beads from my stash and Alara Shade’s de-stash.¬† Those may yet be earrings – not sure! This is a large part of my creative process: just making things and figuring out uses later!


Next were some quickie pendants I worked up while chatting with people.¬† The little vial on the right has bone and dried rose petals.¬† It’s pretty much finished, just a simple pendant on a linen cord.

The guy on the left though…hmmm….I like this shape, and the round beads are a lovely lavender color.¬† I think I want to put it on headpins, though.¬† That may make it more stable then the really flexible cord.¬† It’s a cool look, but needs some strength if I’m going to consider putting it up for sale.¬† That’s something I have to consider with all my pieces, especially the vials and bottles – people loooooove touching these.¬† I want to make sure whatever I produce can stand a lot of handling.¬† Things that are really small and detailed are going to get a lot of “action”.¬† I’m considering this triangular pendant a good rough draft.¬† So thank you for hanging out while I worked on it!


Lastly, I’m going to show you this, my sneak preview of tomorrow’s project for Fiber Friday.¬† I’ve decided to keep the fiber arts to 1 day a week, so I don’t get stuck in a rut.¬† This is my slow progress on a prototype for a totebag organizer.

This uses plastic canvas and regular acrylic yarn.  I also have some sparkly embroidery floss to jazz it up with.

When I work out all the kinks and assemble it, I’ll be able to show you what I mean, then better make another to sell.¬† The first one’s mine though ūüėȬ† I tend to keep the first runs of anything new, in case I make mistakes!

And here we are!  Remember to keep an eye on this blog and the stream for continual crafty goodness!

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OOH, new idea…

I might have mentioned that I also write poetry. ¬†I’ve been looking into self publishing, but I’m consistently annoyed with the available options. ¬†Then it hit me – I have a damn mac. ¬†Why am I not just churning this out myself? ¬†It’s well within my capability to produce chapbooks, and to hand-bind them. ¬†I had entertained the idea of doing them by hand (AHAHAHHAHAHHAA. ¬†No, wait. ¬†AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!) ¬†but I have other things to do.

zine possibly
….I guess this would be a ‘zine technically, but in a very middle class momlady sort of way.

When I’m in doubt on something, especially something creative, I ask myself “what would my wild woman do?”. ¬†My answer today was that she’d cut out all the bullshit and churn some stuff out. ¬†So here we are! ¬†I have a ready-for-prime-time, edited collection of poems, and even photos to put with them. ¬†I’ll be ¬†printing them out (tiny, tiny batches) and most likely stitching them. ¬†When this ready, it’s going on the Etsy. ¬†You’ll be able to order a fresh batch of poems from your favorite wild woman!

Nuts to waiting, nuts to annoying format gremlins and page limits! ¬†I’m doin’ it for myself! ¬†I also started playing with mockups for tiny (and I do mean tiny) covers for blank books. ¬†These would be about 1.5X2.5 and would be perfect for holding whatever it is you need to write really small and take with you. ¬†Wee books of shadows? ¬†Micro grimoires? ¬†Tiny poems? ¬†If you can fit your thought into it, more power to you ūüėõ



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Fairy Keys!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know how much I like reusing stuff, so here’s the latest idea to come off the craft table! ¬†I had a lot of old keys, and some agate discs that I really wasn’t sure what to do with. ¬†They’re too thick to link, and kind of heavy. ¬† ¬†I really didn’t want to destash them, but I had to do something.

Then it hit me when I found that pretty pewter fairy holding a pentacle – fairy keys! ¬†I like to use fanciful narratives when I can, or to riff on folklore. ¬†I was thinking of holey stones when I started these, as well as other fairy lore and style. ¬† ¬†Even though these discs are carved, the idea still lingers. ¬†It’s early spring, so it’s time for magic and garden colors, growing things and feeding the sprites. ¬†The whole feel of April is warm, but changeable – anything can still happen. ¬†That’s why I made them look rag-tag – I had this weird springtime in mind. ¬†So here are some stones to see a world beyond, and keys to lost locks that will open the door.

I’ve got a few more keys sitting around, so I’ll keep playing with these pendants. ¬†Hopefully they’ll hit the table this week at Hidden Grounds in New Brunswick.

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Thoughts for the next show

So, South Jersey Pagan Pride day was a success! ¬† Despite some wicked weather in the beginning and some “interesting” wind. ¬†Anyone wandering into this blog from that day will remember my tent as the one with the “Olympic Tent Holding Team” that sprang into action at each gust. ¬†And the “if it flies away and you catch it, 15% off!” discount.

This was the first show in a while that counted as a success, and I’m pleased. ¬†Not just for the sake of profit, but because I genuinely like seeing happy customers. ¬†When I make jewelry, it is artistic for me. ¬†I carefully select elements and colors. ¬†I design some really funky pendants. ¬†I put a lot of work into what I do. ¬†It’s pleasurable work, but it is work. ¬†So it’s nice to turn some of that into money again.

However,I have to get this off my chest. This is a gripe unrelated to yesterday, ¬†but rather one about vending in general. ¬†It can get demoralizing trying to sell handmade goods for a number of reasons: ¬†it’s a bad economy, people have vastly different ideas of appropriate pricing for jewelry (ahem), and there are a lot of resellers out there. ¬†By resellers I mean booths that have mostly pre-made, prepackaged stuff.

I don’t begrudge you a display or two of quicksales and doorbusters – we all need to make a buck. ¬†But I do get annoyed¬†when I see mostly pre-made passed off as “crafted”. ¬†To me, it’s like giving a kid cheap processed lunches for years then suddenly expecting them to eagerly eat garden-fresh food you’ve lovingly prepared. ¬†They’re going to refuse it because they are used to the quick hit of salt and fat from the processed stuff. ¬†So when you get a crowd that can get a shiny, dangly necklace for $5 because it’s essentially dollar-store stock, they’re going to turn up their noses at my entirely handmade $35 necklace. ¬†Despite the fact I know what went into it, you can talk to me about how I made it, and ask me for alterations or repairs – the easier route will always be more popular.

So, I get encouraged when I do sell things, because it shows that people still appreciate small businesses, effort, and an artistic eye. ¬†And yesterday was quite encouraging ūüėČ

**the next post will be the results of barters w/ other vendors and me crowing about their lovely stuff.  I just need to unpack the car first and find my new goodies!