4/23/18 Today’s card: Inverted 10 of Cups

Hello folks! Here we go on a Monday (for me) morning. I wanted to know what to look out for in the week ahead.

This is straight from my Evernote file where I (mostly remember) to record pulls. Some pulls are too private but this one I thought I’d share. So it’s highly idiosyncratic, but here we go!

Single card pull: theme or motif for this week. Inverted 10 cups

This is still a good thing, still a positive “omen” if you will, but there may be disillusionment or taking good fortune for granted.

“Homework”: What are 10 things I’m grateful for, right now? And how can I keep them in my mind?

1. safe and happy home

2. warm and loving partners

3. good food in the kitchen

4. healthy lovable pets

5. safe, usable car

6. good stable job

7. Healthy body

8. books, looms, etc

9. the ability to be open and relaxed in my practice

10. safe, untroubled sleep


Of course my list is relentlessly domestic. As is the card! And the suit – the cups are closely identified with my little family. Some of these are very homey, and in the case of the Queen, very practical. The iconography on the card is pretty heteronormative, but in tarot, couples and babies are not always couples and babies. Also, there’s a great big rainbow which is lovely and optimism-inducing.

But there’s also a lot of water. So there is an undercurrent (sorry) of flexibility and mysticism. But there can also be weakness – water takes the shape of whatever its’ in. It will not bend or break (in its liquid state). Then again….what is more powerful than water? It carves the earth, lets things grow, and covers most of the planet. So water is something to reckon with.

Normally I’m all about the mundane, the “everyday drag” of magic. Normally I am soil, rocks, stones, roots, bones. There’s not a lot of water in my metaphors, my thought process, or my practice. Maybe I should go to the well more. I am devoted to Brigid after all.

What puts me off about water, whether it’s water signs or “energy” is that it’s not strong and dependable. It’s not solid, I have trouble trusting large amounts of it. But it’s literally necessary for life. I also have trouble trusting myself. Some days I don’t trust the ground beneath my feet to stay there! But as a Brigid woman, I do turn to the element. She is fire and the well. Both things. Fire, that I’m used to, that I got a handle on. But going to the well. Maybe this is where I need my water to come from. Oceans are lovely (Hello Mannannan!) as are rivers and streams, but I feel better when I meditate on that well.


Well, I did take the long way round, didn’t I? So how can I keep the things I am grateful for in my mind and not take them for granted? Go to that well. Whether it’s meditation, real-world work involving water (eg charities, cleanups, etc) or hydration. When I see it, when I feel it, I must think of what these cups contain and not loose sight of it.


Magpie Yarn

illum_the other day I stumbled onto Stacey Budge-Kamison’s work at Urbangypz.com and I was inspired!  My first project on my finished loom was getting irredeemably frogged, so I busted it down and rewarped with colors – fresh from watching Stacey’s work.

Watching art yarn go from scraps of fibers up to a finished piece was so exciting.  But I don’t have a massive fancy fiber stash.  What I have is a moderate stash of really nice acrylics and blends, as well as a lot of Lily cotton, with some miscellaneous fibers in there (wool, cellulose, and silk).  One thing I learned from watching Stacey’s videos was that one doesn’t need super expensive fibers to make exciting yarn.  A great big old duh moment for me! Continue reading “Magpie Yarn”

OOH, new idea…

I might have mentioned that I also write poetry.  I’ve been looking into self publishing, but I’m consistently annoyed with the available options.  Then it hit me – I have a damn mac.  Why am I not just churning this out myself?  It’s well within my capability to produce chapbooks, and to hand-bind them.  I had entertained the idea of doing them by hand (AHAHAHHAHAHHAA.  No, wait.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!)  but I have other things to do.

zine possibly
….I guess this would be a ‘zine technically, but in a very middle class momlady sort of way.

When I’m in doubt on something, especially something creative, I ask myself “what would my wild woman do?”.  My answer today was that she’d cut out all the bullshit and churn some stuff out.  So here we are!  I have a ready-for-prime-time, edited collection of poems, and even photos to put with them.  I’ll be  printing them out (tiny, tiny batches) and most likely stitching them.  When this ready, it’s going on the Etsy.  You’ll be able to order a fresh batch of poems from your favorite wild woman!

Nuts to waiting, nuts to annoying format gremlins and page limits!  I’m doin’ it for myself!  I also started playing with mockups for tiny (and I do mean tiny) covers for blank books.  These would be about 1.5X2.5 and would be perfect for holding whatever it is you need to write really small and take with you.  Wee books of shadows?  Micro grimoires?  Tiny poems?  If you can fit your thought into it, more power to you 😛



Recent doings at Haus of Laz


So Busy lately!  There’s 3 new goodies up at the shop, so feel free to check ’em out: ladylazarusdesigns.etsy.com.  I have more steampunk, tarot, and reliquaries than I know what do with!  First is this pretty number, with a delicate handmade chain, and a sprinkling of tiny treasures in the “watch” case.  As a bonus, there’s a little bottle of lavender in the chain:



Then we have the two tarot beauties, from The Lovers and Strength cards respectively:



Also found a lovely preserved cicada carapace attached to a decoration in my garden.  I saved it carefully and it’s going to be used in  a piece 🙂


When I got them ready for their photo shoot and posted them to Etsy, I was left a little bored.  I ended up taking a look at my desk and thought I’d show you who keeps me company when I blog.  Below we see Gladys the Gar-gal, and micro-Chibi Ganesh being all cute!


I’m a big fan of these…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  So, a friend and I went in on an order of paper fans and parasols earlier this summer.  Now, at nearly the end of the season, I’ve figured out what I want to do with them!  They were plain white until I decided to “gild” them with paint.  That made them lovely, but impossible to close. The paper is like leather with enough coats.  I decided to make that a feature rather than a bug.  These are no longer closeable fans.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I made a mini pattern so I could make fans of fabric to cover the ribs to deter people from trying to do the impossible and destroying the fan.  Leatherlike or no, they are still delicate.  They’re going to pretty much be art pieces rather than accessories.  When they’re done, they’ll have discreet hooks so they can be hung when not in use.  If I can wrangle it, I’ll attach some sort of handle to them.  That may require some trial and error.  Lucky, I have a bunch of these to play with!




The gold is my favorite, but I’ve started painting some silvers as well.  I experimented with a variety of undercoats, and I’ve found that painting them matte black acrylic first gets the best out of the metallic paint.  I still need a ton of coats to cover the undercoat as well as obscure brushmarks.  I want these to look like they’re gilded and straight out of the early Renaissance!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Of course, I’m using tarot to decorate some of these.  The Empress is reigning on one fan, backed by burgundy satin.  I’m nearly done with her, but I need an elegant way to hide the rough edges where the bamboo still shows. I want the fan to be useable as a fan, but also to look good from all angles.  Shipping will be…interesting….with these!  Temperance is going on another gold fan, with recycled white silk backing I took from an old lampshade.  Here’s a peek of the angel:







Keep checking back – these are going to be a regular on the worktable, and hopefully a hit with LazMart shoppers 😉

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